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REASONS FOR CHOOSING Romania / Bucharest

  • Romania is becoming an increasingly important trading partner for major international corporations and recently became an EU member
  • Excellent international standard hotels- Main international hotel chains are already present in Romania and more coming on line all the time. (Bucharest currently offers: 2000 rooms in 5* hotels; 2500 rooms in 4* hotels; 2200 rooms in 3* hotels)
  • All involved authorities encourage and support the organization of international events in Romania
  • Infrastructure has improved significantly in recent years
  • Easily accessible international destination: serviced by most major international carriers and Tarom
  • Year around destination: unspoiled natural, cultural and historical values of a generous diversity; intense artistic life and highly creative ideas for social programs
  • High degree of individual and public security, with a stability of the political, administrative, military and economic environment
  • Good selection of restaurants offering international and local cuisine & Award winning wines!
  • Superb range of meeting facilities, including The Palace of Parliament – 2nd largest building in the world after the Pentagon (330.000 sqm in surface)
  • Good value destination and great shopping
  • With Premier Destinations as you partner, you are working with a PCO/DMC that has the track record, experience, contacts and clout to deliver memorable and cost effective events in Bucharest and the whole of Romania
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