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The fastest and most comfortable way to reach Romania is by air. The national airline TAROM and the major international carriers provide connections with the Capital, from where there are daily regular flights to 15 Romanian towns.
The main international airport is Bucharest-Otopeni (opened in 1970), located 18 km from the central part of Bucharest. 15 of the Romanian cities have airports.

Railway traffic provides direct connections with a large number of European cities, such as Paris, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Kiev, Moscow, Istanbul, Athens, etc. and with practically all towns in Romania.

Road traffic on European highways ensures access to Romania. Traffic is on the right side of the road, overtaking on the left, the signs are those acknowledged by the international legislation.

The public transportation in Bucharest currently consists of 2000 vehicles (trolleys, trams, buses), covering 161 routes and 1170 km. The underground public transportation includes 50 trains, covering 4 routes and 63 km.

Other information

Romania lies in the same time zone with the Republic of Moldova, Finland, Bulgaria, Greece, Israel, Egypt and the Republic of South Africa.

Electric power operates at 220 V and 50 Hz. The main international languages used in conversation are English, French and German.

Non-working days: 1 and 2 January, Easter Monday, May Day, 1 December (the National Day), 25 and 26 December (Christmas). The favourite holiday months are July and August.

The local currency is Lei, plural Lei. There are private exchange offices in practically all towns and every bank has its own exchange office. Traveller's cheques or major credit cards are accepted.

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